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Jun 30, 2022

On this episode of ASRM Policy Matters, we focus our attention on the Dobbs Decision and our guest, Judith Daar, Dean of the Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University, and former chair of the ASRM ethics committee, explains what happened and more.

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Jun 23, 2022

On this episode Dr. James Smith stops by to bring us up to date on fertility preservation and men's health.

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Jun 16, 2022

On this episode Dr. Sarah Horvath and Dr. Aaron Lazorwitz stop by to talk about complex family planning and the ASRM Complex Family Planning Special Interest Group (CFPSIG).

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Jun 9, 2022

On this episode Dr. Sangita Jindal returns to the program to talk about the comprehensive guidance for human embryology, andrology and endocrinology laboratories.  To access the document online, go to Comprehensive guidance for human embryology, andrology, and endocrinology laboratories: management and operations: a...

Jun 2, 2022

Welcome to ASRM Policy Matters, a podcast to inform and empower stakeholders through insight and analysis into reproductive health policy. On this episode we focus our attention on the upcoming Roe vs Wade decision by the Supreme Court of the United States and the potential impact will have on fertility care. The...